About Jones

“Yes, I am wearing make up.”

Basketball Jones Show was conceived by Sean Kaata Dwen while completing 2 years of training at New Zealand’s only full-time NZQA circus school, know as, CircoArts.

The show is a fusion of his two greatest passions, basketball and juggling.

After graduating from CircoArts he produced two award winning contemporary circus shows at the Fringe NZ Festivals 2002 and 2003.

In 2004 he toured New Zealand with the Whirling Bros Circus performing two acts: Slackrope unicycle and Basketball Juggling.  Other duties included big top construction and transport.  Advance marketing and promotion.  Sound and lighting.  Sampling takeaway meals from all over the North Island of New Zealand.

In 2005 he ran away from the circus to take on his first overseas contract. Performing 3 times a day, everyday, for 6 weeks at Hotel Akao, located in the popular resort town of Atami.  Just south of Tokyo, Japan.  After that, the rest is history.  Visit his past appearances page.

After 9 years trotting the globe, experiencing over 20 different countries and cultures,  he is now based in the Hawkes Bay of New Zealand.  Available for festivals, events and all occasions from September until June in New Zealand and the South Pacific.  June until September in North America and Europe.  Anywhere else by special arrangement.

“Enjoy my website and feel free to contact me.” – Sean Kaata Dwen aka Basketball Jones

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